DRS Development was started in January of 2011 

As an aspiring race team we had issues sourcing and obtaining tuning and special parts.

Nine out of ten times we ended up disappointed. Many vendors don’t offer the plug and play solution they advertise. This Usually ended with frustration and caused massive delays in project time.

We also spend much unneeded money on high shipping cost from countries like the USA because we had to return or get other additional parts for our builds.

We found out lots of people struggling the same way we did and decided to do something about this. We started with small brackets en suspension components and custom small bits for engines. Eventually the projects got bigger and more complex and we strive to learn and grow as much as possible.

At DRS Development we design our own range of products, commission small builds, produce small batches of specialized items and sell high quality products.  Our products are never compromised and are of the highest quality materials like Titanium and aircraft grade aluminum. Even with the use of these materials and we still strive to make our items affordable.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions or share information we are happy to help and learn from you.